‘Hot Pilates Flow

Hot pilates flow draws from a bank of pure Pilates and power Yoga movements incorporating strength, posture and flexibility,
and unites them into a sequence that flows with all the grace and fluidity of dance. My hot Pilates sessions are aimed at anyone looking to take their workout to the next level, by increasing their core stability, balance and endurance within the hot room.

‘Hot Hatha Vinyasa Flow’

A flowing sequence that will kickstart your internal fire and set you up to leave the studio in a strong and positive way.

‘Yoga Pilates Fusion’  

A class open to all abilities, this class combines a unique flow of Yoga and Pilates with a selection of Balearic and Ethnic sounds. A perfect end to your day !

‘Hot Hatha Yoga’ 

A system of physical techniques supplementary to a broad conception of yoga

‘Vinyasa Flow’

 A dynamic type class with continuous movement and rhythm with a concentration on breath 

‘Hot Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow‘ 

Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow is based on ancient yoga teachings and is a rigorous style of yoga that follows a specific sequence of postures with a mix of similar vinyasa yoga. Your every movement will be linked to your breath. This is a hot, sweaty, physically demanding practice.

‘Hot Yogi Core‘ 

This class is designed to help strengthen all areas of the body (universal core) to benefit you in daily movement and your other yoga practises! Repetition of dynamic sequences will help discipline the mind.

‘Candlelight Yoga Meditation‘ 

A class designed to explore movement within static postures to build strength and find flexibility to leave you feeling free and uplifted in connection to body mind and spirit.

‘Warm Morning Vinyasa Flow’ 

Energising Vinyasa sequence to get the juices moving. The best way to start the day.

‘Hot Yin Yang Yoga By Candlelight‘ 

Yin Yang Yoga is a class that balances the newly developed Yin yoga practice for the first half of the class with traditional Yang yoga practices for the second half of the class. This class can provide you with a practice that starts with deep, introspective, and quiet yoga that evolves into an energising and uplifting yoga that sets you on your way for the rest of your day.

                                                                                                        Facia release

 True flexibility comes from holistically stretching fascia.Fascia is like sheets or bands of connective tissue that sits under the skin. It encloses, stabilises and separates muscles and other internal organs.Our normal yoga practice isolates muscles and joints where as true flexibility comes from lengthening the fascia.Fascia has 8-10 times more nerve receptors than muscle so it makes sense to stretch the fascia. This class is always different, sometimes holding poses for 5-8 breaths and sometimes we move dynamically. This is a fun class, that will significantly improve not just your yoga but also you’re day to day activities.

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